Frequently Asked Questions

When you use MOTUM, you choose to travel with a green transport alternative, so at the end of the trip you’ll gain points that will be collected in the app and you can convert them into discounts in MOTUM’s partners’ stores.

These accounts benefit from an ads-free app, extra points for their users’ journeys and access to our premium partners.

You can travel by bike, e-scooter, public transport or even walk. Basically anything else than a car.

You can see both of them in the wallet section, in the app.

Any city where our partners can deliver their product/service (check on their websites).

To get on the leadboard you need to work hard. But if you do so, you are rewarded extra. Each month, the top users get special rewards on top of their points gained so far.

All of the badges you earn can be pinned on your profile so other people can admire them.

Thanks to our advanced recognition algorithm which is trained using a variety of inputs and a machine learning program, we can tell whether or not you are indeed using the right means of transportation mean.